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Genesis 1-11 and Science:
Strengthening Your Faith (Advanced Course)

-Are the first eleven chapters of Genesis mythology, allegory or real history?
-Is science the only way to find truth or is there also room for divine revelation?
-What evidence from physics, geology and biology supports the historical validity of Genesis chapters 1-11?

In the Fall of 2010, Dave Penny and Michael Windheuser presented a series of public lectures addressing these questions. 

To access the currently available lectures, Select from the content links below.

David Penny

Michael Windheuser

Content Now Available

Content Now Available
- Introduction

- Introduction and "Why These Things Should Be?"
- The Creation

- Is Genesis Consistent With Reality? Genesis 1:1
- The Fall

- Is Genesis Consistent With Reality? Revelation
in Two Books

- Scientific Implications

- Can Life Make Itself From Nothing?
- Genealogies and Covenants

- Time, Sequence and Process
- The Flood

- The Tower of Babel

- Age of the Universe

In Plain Sight:
How a Christian Scientist Sees the World

Michael Windheuser presented this series of public lectures

Michael Windheuser