I really appreciated the Joshua class and was sorry to see it end. What a blessing to see familiar scriptures from the viewpoint of those well-versed in science. What a HUGE blessing to sit under the teaching of men of science who have also humbled themselves before our Lord and love Him. This class was very different from any I have ever been a part of... and I have taken a LOT of classes.   I also appreciated the great respect I saw between Steve McIlvain, Dave Penny and Ward Brown as you each worked in your areas of expertise, and it all meshed together so well.  Steve is  an amazing facilitator, and you all make a wonderful team!  May God continue to bless this ministry. Would you please pass on our great thanks and appreciation to those benefactors who met the costs of the books, materials and other items?  Our family has been very blessed. Thank you.   Mother of five children; art major

Genesis Academy was one of the most inspiring classes I've attended in the past 10 years.  It was like being in school again because of the science, but it had so many fascinating science facts that we were never taught in high school or university!  It was a wonderful blend of science and Scripture, where each validated the other...It gave me a deeper appreciation of God's power, God's Word, and His ability to answer our prayers on this earth.  It brought the first 11 chapters of the Bible to life for me, and made them more relevant, more real, and more recent!"  Carol; International Missionary

I’ve been getting so much propaganda about evolution at school just this past week. So I thank God for being able to participate in the Joshua Project, Genesis 1-11 course.  I’m thankful because it is helping me get through all of this evolution propaganda.  Male, high school student

At our church prayer time last night it came to me how much this Joshua Project, Genesis 1-11 course has increased my view of God.  Participating in each class is almost like a worshipful experience.   Kate, middle school teacher

Perhaps no other question is more crucial than, “Can I trust the Bible and what it says about the origin of life, man, and sin?” The Genesis Academy does a masterful job of preparing the disciple of Christ to be able to answer the attacks of skeptics. Through the course students will not only see that there is no contradiction between science and the Scriptures, but rather that science properly understood stands side-by-side with Holy Scripture and reinforces what the Church has taught for millennia about the origins of life. Any Christ follower interested in seriously engaging the culture around him, should consider taking a Genesis Academy course. I can think of no better investment to help strengthen one's faith! JD; software engineer

Unfortunately my Creation class ended the other night after eight weeks of amazing knowledge!   The next one starts in just a couple of weeks. "Heard a quote once that some will look at an atom and see emptiness where others see the fingerprint of God.” These men help show this more clearly!   "Hope you can attend their class."  Female attendee, 2017

The Joshua Project study was a wonderful challenge for me--the genealogy, scientific facts, Creation, Tower of Babel, ice age, etc. including the books, The Global Flood, New Answers Book, & The Genesis Flood.  The Monday night classes made me feel like I was being served a filet mignon with a loaded baked potato after a long diet of skim milk.  Those videos by Michael Windheuser and David Penny provided the meat while Stuart, Steve, Ward and David Hoover loaded on the butter, sour cream and lots of bacon bits . . .  and then David Hoover acted as the “oven timer” as he kept those classes coming out “right on time.”  I even loved doing ALL the homework.  Thanks to everyone; it was “very, very good” . . .   Female attendee, 2017


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