To place an emphasis on the Truth of The CREATION, The FALL, The FLOOD, The TOWER and The HOPE in CHRIST supported by sound doctrine and solid scientific principles.


TO SOW Truth via our Ministry  Luke 8:5-8

TO GROW the Faith of Believers  2Cor 9:6

TO REAP a Harvest of new Believers 2Tim 2:2


Is eternal, self-existing and Triune

The true, accurate, historical record of God's actions in the past, present and future


The universe, earth and all life in six, 24-hour days from nothing 
The earth out of water but empty of life
Visible light, possibly generated from Himself
The perfect atmosphere for life
A single landmass to rise above the water
Plant life to capture light energy and reproduce after its kinds
The sun, moon and stars
Creatures in the sea, air and land with ability to reproduce after their kinds
Adam in God's image from the dust of the earth breathed life into him
Eve from Adam's rib
Man to have dominion over the earth and all living things
Introduced evil stemming from rebellion against God and the desire to be God
Separated mankind from fellowship with God through Adam 
Brought death into creation through man’s sin causing corruption of the entire universe
Caused progressive corruption of all creation
Led God to command Noah to build an ark

Was God’s worldwide judgment of sin through a global flood 
Destroyed all men and animals except for eight people and representative air-breathing animal kinds 
Represents the culmination of man’s rebellion to fill the earth by gathering in a city
Was pridefully built by man for his own glory
Brought God’s judgement on man and forced migration throughout the earth by supernatural creation of language groups


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