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Dave Penny

David Penny is a graduate of M.I.T. in engineering and has his Master's degree in Biblical Greek and Hebrew.  He is also a former missionary to Tunisia, and owner of a sand dredging company. Dave is a consultant & Bible teacher and presents on scientific laws, cosmology, atmosphere, ice age and other appologetic topics.


Ward Brown

Ward Brown, Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. Practiced small animal medicine and was a clinic owner. Currently retired from practice, but remains active in the field and consults with other veterinary practitioners. Ward presents on animal & plant biology, with an emphasis on Creation, the Flood and other apologetic topics.

Dan Aldrich

Dan Aldrich, Information Sciences & Chemistry. Systems design leader for 3 decades in a Fortune 50 company and Army veteran. He holds several U.S. Patents in Technologyoperates an IT company and is a Bible & Sunday school teacher. Dan presents the scientific proofs of Genesis with an emphasis on Creation, Evolution, the Flood, the Tower and other apologetic topics.

 Steve McIlvain

Steve McIlvain, Doctorate of Education from University of Kansas. Served as a public education leader and superintendant of a large school district and Army veteran. Currently retired and is the administer for The Genesis Academy. Steve facilitates conferences and events for The Joshua Project and presents the Hope of Christ and other Biblical topics.

Kevan Myers

Kevan Myers, "The Dinosaur Guy" Kevan has loved learning and sharing about dinosaurs since he was a boy.  He served as a teacher and presenter of dinosaurs at a Creation theme park for many years.  Currently, Kevan gives presentations at events to highlight and educate others on the scientific evidence of Creation, the Fall and the Flood.

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