David Penny is a graduate of M.I.T. in engineering, he also holds a Master's degree in Biblical Greek and Hebrew from Dallas Seminary.  David is a former Christian missionary to Tunisia.  He currently operates a dredging company.

Dave Penny

Michael Windheuser is a former university professor and a retired pharmaceutical scientist of +25 years. He holds a Ph.D. in microbiology and writes articles for Christian magazines.

Michael Windheuser

Ward Brown, DVM.  Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Kansas State University. Practiced small animal medicine and was a clinic owner.  Currently retired from practice, but remains actively involved in the field and a consultant to other practitioners.

Ward Brown

Dan Aldrich, Knowledge & Information Sciences.  An army veteran that led application design & development teams for an international communications company for +25 years. Currently operates an information consulting and technology company. 

Dan Aldrich

Stuart Warkentin, A graduate of Kansas State University with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.  He currently works for an international GPS navigation and wearable technology corporation.

Stuart Warkentin

Steve McIlvain, Doctorate of Education from University of Kansas. Served as a public education leader in a large school district. Currently retired  and is the administer for The Genesis Academy and coordinates The Joshua Project.

Steve McIlvain

Kevan Myers, "The Dinosaur Guy" Kevan has loved learning about dinosaurs since he was a boy.  He served as a teacher and presenter at a Christian dinosaur park & camp for several years.  Currently, Kevan gives presentations about dinosaurs to people of all ages highlighting the Creation, the Fall & the Flood in Genesis.

Kevan Myers

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